Experience and Values

Dr. Ho has over thirty years of product development experience and full time dental practice. He is genuine in his desire to help Dentists, like himself, to save time and money while improving results.

By a Dentist, for Dentists

Dr. Ho states, “My biggest motivation for continuing to develop new products…’is it better, faster, cheaper’ – for the Dentist. This differs from ‘How can we make the most profit’ – for the company. All Ho Dental Company products must cost less but do more .

Recognized for Value and Performance  

A Utah-based, independent dental products evaluation organization evaluated fifteen VPS impression material brands, and Vaccu•sil Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material, by Ho Dental Company, was named number one over all other VPS impression materials for value and performance. The results were published in July of 2014. 

Your Dental Practice Deserves the Best 

Everything you'll see here is as good or better overall than the competition. And yet, the cost will be lower in  some cases by 30%. Why pay more? We offer complementary samples for your review and evaluation.

Dr. Phillip Ho



Dr. Ho is a successful Dentist, Inventor, and Dental Products Wholesaler. Dr. Ho graduated from the University of Pennsylvania as a ‘Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry'. Dr. Ho entered into full-time practice 1985. He continues to practice full time, and averages four hundred impressions per year. His office is located in Santa Barbara, California.


Dr. Ho created his first product, the 'Ho Band', just before he entered into full-time practice. Over the years Dr. Ho has brought over a dozen original products into the Dental Marketplace. He remains active in product development, with a new product release (The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine) set for July 2017.


HO DENTAL COMPANY carries Dental Supplies invented by Dr. Ho. Products are currently available exclusively through Dental Product Distributors. Products are generally the least expensive and have the same or better quality than competitors.

Today, HO DENTAL COMPANY products are sold across the globe.

“Vaccu•sil works easily and predictably in my hands."

The BFC Complete: BFC Syringe prefilled with Vaccu•sil Light Body Impression Material

"The small syringe applicator is a must for me, giving me superior control, and the angled tip is perfectly shaped to give me ideal access no matter where in the mouth I’m working.

Patients do not complain about the taste, and the 4 minute set time of the regular set gives me plenty of working time but is shorter than many others.

I do not experience issues with distortion, and the material maintains its shape fairly indefinitely, allowing additional pours if necessary. It’s definitely my favorite of the many impression materials I’ve tried!”

Dr. Justina Pham


The BFC Complete Prefilled Syringe

The Mojo Syringe