This Posterior dual-arch tray has a wide arch, a 2.4 mm steel distal bar, and narrows to the back of the mouth. Its shape and rigidity prevent distortion and tuberosity impingement.

The Anterior Dual Arch Tray has a facial midline positioner. These alignment 'sticks' are included with each tray. For single units they may not be required, but with multiple units the alignment sticks accurately convey the facial midlines to the laboratory technician.


The Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray held to the measured facial mid-lines with impression material. 


Send the Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray with the alignment sticks to the laboratory. The alignment sticks will accurately communicate the patient’s vertical and horizontal midlines to the laboratory technician. This will guide him in setting the proper angulation and the incise edge position of teeth number 8 and 9 as well as the proper angulation of the occlusal plane.

The Harmony Anterior and Posterior Dual Arch Trays

In an extensive study done in 2014 by an Utah-based independent dental products evaluation organization* , the Harmony Dual Arch Trays were highly rated. More than 60% of the evaluators would incorporated them into their practice, with 73% rating them excellent and worthy of recommendation to colleagues.

Features of the Anterior Dual Arch Tray

Now, in just one simple step, you can capture the prepared teeth, the opposing arch, and the bite registration using the Harmony Anterior Tray. The Harmony Anterior is an anterior tray and a facial plane relator, identifying the patient’s midline, in one device. The Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray can be used without alignment sticks for single units, or with them for multiple units. No more slanted crowns or veneers.

Features of the Posterior Dual Arch Tray

The narrow stainless steel bar at the back is only 2.6 mm in diameter, preventing tuberosity impingement, while still giving it rigidity equal or better than any other disposable Posterior dual arch tray.

The Harmony Posterior Tray narrows to the back of the mouth, and the side walls are low. Other trays stay the same width, and even become larger in places towards the back of the mouth. This is the cause of tuberosity impingement and poor bite registration.

The steel bar in the Harmony Posterior Tray offers superior rigidity, which is a large factor avoiding distortion of the impression.

Overview Video

In this video:

Overview of the Harmony Trays;

Demonstration by Dr. Phillip Ho

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Harmony Posterior (Box of 50)

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