Vaccu-sil Syringe: The Mojo Complete

Upgrade to the BFC Complete

The Mojo disposable dental impression syringe, is now available pre-filled with Vaccu-sil light body Impression material. The Syringe keeps all of the great features of the BFC, such as the adjustable rotating no-slip tip.

 The extra-narrow tip enables you to apply the impression material right at the sulcus circumferentially without having to lift the tip, thus minimizing air bubbles and retakes. The smaller mixing tip saves material normally wasted with a full-size tip, and there are no messy clean-ups.

The Mojo Syringe easily reaches even the distal of the second molars with superb ergonomics.

Improvements include 33% more light body material per syringe. Activating the syringe is now an easy twist.

  • Syringe holds 2.4 CC of material
  • Twist to activate 
  • Disposable single use syringe
  • Rotating Tip adjusts but doesn't slip
  • Minimizes air bubbles and retakes
  • Ergonomic design fits any sized hand
  • Less waste than hand pump gun
  • No Cross Contamination
  • No messy clean ups
  • Regular set (WT 2 min ST 4 min)
  • Fast Set (WT 1 min ST 2 min)
  • Pleasant Taste
  • Odor Neutral

The single use, disposable dental impression syringe eliminates messy cleanups and cross-contamination.

Order The Mojo Complete Pre-filled Syringe from your Dental Supply Company

The Mojo Complete

Light Body Regular Set (50 / Box),  p/n: Mojo-CR  

Light Body Fast Set (50 / Box),  p/n: Mojo-CF