Vaccu•sil Super Hydrophilic VPS impression Material

Clinical Study Rates Vaccu•sil #1

In an extensive study done in 2014 by an Utah-based independent dental products evaluation organization*, Vaccu•sil was rated number one in the world amongst all VPS impression materials based on value and performance. 

Cost per mL varies about 500% between Brands

At $.14 per cc, Vaccu•sil is the least expensive VPS material on the market today and yet, performs at least as well as the top name brands which cost $.67 or more per cc. An average impression requires 20cc, so by simply switching over to Vaccu•sil, an average dental practice can save roughly $8 per impression or around $3,000 per year.

Safety Data Sheet

VACCU•SIL Light Body Fast Setting Formula

Cost per ml. $.14
Approximate Cost Double Arch Impression $2.80
Working time (mins): 1:30
Setting Time (mins): 2:25
Detail Reproduction Excellent
Gypsum Compatibility Excellent
Elastic Recovery Excellent
Viscosity Excellent
Hydrophilicity Excellent
Taste Excellent
Smell Excellent
Dimensional Stability (at one week) Excellent: - 0.13%

Order Vaccu•sil from your Dental Supply Company

Four (4) 50 ML 1:1 Cartridges / Box.

Part Number List

  • VAC-50-HF
  • VAC-50-HR

“Vaccu•sil works easily and predictably in my hands."

The BFC Complete: BFC Syringe prefilled with Vaccu•sil Light Body Impression Material

"The small syringe applicator is a must for me, giving me superior control, and the angled tip is perfectly shaped to give me ideal access no matter where in the mouth I’m working.

Patients do not complain about the taste, and the 4 minute set time of the regular set gives me plenty of working time but is shorter than many others.

I do not experience issues with distortion, and the material maintains its shape fairly indefinitely, allowing additional pours if necessary. It’s definitely my favorite of the many impression materials I’ve tried!”

Dr. Justina Pham


The BFC Complete Prefilled Syringe

The Mojo Syringe


Vaccu•sil Heavy Body Comparison Data

Vaccusil Heavy Body Comparison Data
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Vaccu•sil Light Body Comparison Data

Vaccusil Heavy Body Comparison Data
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