Alcohol Rehab Centers Orange County

Alcohol Rehab Centers Orange County

Did you know that alcohol is one of the most addictive substances in the world? Just how addictive is it? Alcohol is widely recognized as the third-most addictive substance in the world by addiction treatment specialists – even more addictive than heroin! When you factor in the permanent physical and psychological damage associated with alcohol abuse, it might very well be the most lethal substance in the world. If you are interested in exploring the various alcohol rehab centers in Orange County, then Dana Point Rehab Campus invites you to contact us.

Which are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Orange County?

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we provide private rehab therapy with a program specializing in alcohol treatment. This is important because alcohol addiction needs to be addressed and treated differently than many other substances. Alcohol has a unique way of rewiring the brains of people who become dependent upon it. Essentially, the alcoholic's brain is rewired to depend on alcohol for survival, much the same as the brain depends on water and oxygen for survival. Remember that the next time someone says, “Why don't you just quit!?”

Should I Choose an Alcohol Rehab Center for Alcohol Addiction?

There are some substances that are very difficult for people to quit because they are psychologically addictive. Examples would be marijuana and cocaine. Other substances, such as alcohol and heroin, can trigger powerful psychological addictions as well, but these substances are especially lethal because they are also physically addictive.

Have you ever noticed that when a person who is addicted to alcohol (perhaps yourself) tries to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey, they often experience physical withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, cold sweats, increased anxiety, and in worst cases, seizures, cardiac arrest, and even death? For this reason, Dana Point Rehab Campus provides a safe medical detox service as well as in-patient residential treatment for alcohol.

Psychologically addictive substances can be very difficult to overcome. Just ask anyone who has been addicted to just marijuana (which is often thought of as not even being a drug) and has tried to quit on their own power. Now imagine a drug that has that same psychologically addictive nature (yes, alcohol is a drug) but also makes you physically sick when you try to stop using it – that's what you get with alcohol! In fact, with alcohol, we don't advise that you try to quit using on your own because the risk for health complications are immense.

How to Chose the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Orange County

When considering the many alcohol rehab centers in Orange County, it's important to choose one that understands the unique nature of alcohol addiction. Not only how it affects the mind and body, but also how to give a patient the best chances to kick the habit. Dana Point Rehab Campus does just that!

Give us a call today and speak with an addiction specialist who understands what it's like to be dependent on alcohol. Help is just a call away!

Alcohol Rehab Centers Orange County

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Alcohol Rehab Centers Orange County

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