Disposable Impression Tray

Disposable Impression Tray

Dentistry is a field with huge scope. Dentists use a lot of different tools while they carry out different procedures. Impression trays are one of the tools used by a dentist. One might have a lot of queries about the trays and we are here to answer them all. New dentists would want to know about the trays to make the best use of them. Patients would have the curiosity to gain knowledge about something they don’t know and to educate themselves to be satisfied that the equipment used is of no harm to them. To clear the air, one must have all knowledge about the equipment which right now is impression trays.

FAQS About Our Disposable Impression Trays

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers for you to be educated on the matter.

Q) What Are Impression Trays?

Impression trays are also known as dental trays. These trays are used to carry the tools used in the process of dental impressions. What are dental impressions? A dental impression is a process where you fix the teeth by using fabricating crowns or producing dentures. These impressions also help to identify one.

Q) What Are The Types Of Trays?

There are two types of trays such as special trays and stock trays. Special trays are also called custom trays. It can be used for one person only. It is more like a disposable impression tray. The other type of tray is the stock tray also called pre-formed trays, these can be used for more than one person. Types of trays also include custom impression trays. Most people use disposable impression trays for dental impression purposes.

Q) Can You Reuse Impression Trays?

Disposable impression trays can not be used again. The other kind of trays can be used multiple times. It depends on the kind of tray you are using. It can and can not be used depending on what kind of tray you are using. Disposable can be used for one patient once only. Impression trays can be used for several purposes. The trays that are not disposable can however be used for more than one person.

Q) Types Of Custom Trays?

There are three types of trays. Including bite impression trays, final and preliminary. Preliminary trays are used for diagnosis and are a visual aid for education. Final impressions are used to make a cast and die with the tooth structure. It is used for restoration. Bite registrations are employed to create a relationship between arches. Custom trays can be created with different techniques and procedures.

These are some of the questions frequently asked about the impression trays and the answers to all of them. Impression trays are used widely in dentistry and are of great use to dentists. One must have all information of the tools used while their procedures to be completely satisfied with them. You must choose us for your dental procedures as we excel at them. We make sure that our clients have the best experience. Visit us now.

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