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YES! I would like to receive free samples of Ho Dental Company’s Impression System products.

Free sample kit contents, including Vaccu-sil, impression trays, Mojo Syringe, impression cord and sectional matrix

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Request Our Free Dental Supply Sample Kit
  • Contents:

    • Vaccu•sil Super Hydrophilic VPS Heavy Body Impression Material
    • Vaccu•sil Impression Syringe: The Mojo Complete loaded with Vaccu•sil Light Body Impression Material
    • The Mojo Syringe: Disposable Impression Material Syringe ready to load with your preferred Light Body Impression Material
    • The Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray with optional Facial Plane Relator feature
    • The Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray with 2.4 mm steel distal bar
    • VacuCord Knitted Gingival Non-Medicated Retraction Cord (sizes 00 , 0, 1, 2)
    • Mylar Matrix Roll (9 Microns thin)
    • Ho Dental Sectional Matrix (Original)
    • The Sand Trap
    • Clinical Data
    • Product Instructions
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