Get a Free Auto Mixer when you buy our Impression Material

A $699 value

The best way to see how the Vacu-Mixer hand-held Automatic Mixing Machine works for your practice — is when it’s free with an auto-ship subscription for our Vaccu-sil Heavy-Body VPS Impression Material.

Vaccu-sil Heavy-Body VPS Impression Material

Vaccu-sil 120ml Cartridges for the Vacu-Mixer

At 19 cents per cc (about one-third the cost of other brands), Vaccu-sil is an excellent value for your practice.

  • Super-Hydrophilic VPS Material
  • Heavy Body
  • Fast or Regular Set
  • Highly-rated for performance and value by a Utah-based independent testing organization, 2018

Vacu-Mixer: The first hand-held Automatic Mixing Machine

So light and compact, you can hold the mixer in one hand and your tray in the other.

  • Designed  for chairside use
  • Weighs only 2 lbs
  • Cordless & Rechargeable.
  • At a dispensing rate of 2 ML per second, it can load a full arch tray in less than 10 seconds
Vacu-Mixer Image

Subscribe and Save $699

To get your free auto mixer, subscribe to receive auto shipments of 120ml Cartridges of Heavy-Body VPS Impression Material for the Vacu-Mixer. You’ll save $699 over purchasing the auto mixer and impression material separately.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for an Auto Ship Subscription – $239/shipment

  • 10-pack of 120ml Vaccu-sil Heavy Body VPS Impression Material cartridges for the Vacu-Mixer + 50 Dynamic Mixing Tips.
  • Set up Auto Shipments for every 30 days ($239 monthly) or every 60 days ($239 every other month).
Subscribe hand + button graphic
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2. Receive Your Free Vacu-Mixer Promo Pack

  • 1 Vacu-Mixer hand-held automatic mixing machine (a $699 value) for FREE.
  • 4-pack of 120ml cartridges of VPS Impression Material.
  • 10-pack of Dynamic Mixing Tips for the Vacu-Mixer.

3. Try the Vacu-Mixer free for 30 days.

If you’re not happy, just send the machine back to us, and we’ll cancel your subscription. You’ll owe nothing more.

Smiley Face Image
Dentist filling a dental tray with VPS impression material using the hand-held Vacu-Mixer

4. Receive just two more Auto Shipments of impression material (10-pack of 120ml cartridges + 50 Dynamic Mixing Tips), and the Vacu-Mixer is yours!

  • You can cancel your Auto Ship Subscription at any time after your second Auto Shipment.

See full terms and conditions here.

Save $699 over purchasing the auto mixer and impression material separately.

The Ho Dental Company Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine with cartridge

Free Vacu-Mixer Promotional Offer

  • $FREE Promo Pack of Impression Material
    $FREE Vacu-Mixer Automatic Mixing Machine
    $210 per shipment 10 Vaccu-sil Cartridges

Another Cost-Saving Idea from Ho Dental Company

Dr Ho - by a dentist for dentists

Dr. Phillip Ho, DMD
Dr. Ho has over 30 years of product development experience and a full-time dental practice. He is genuine in his desire to help Dentists, like himself, to save time and money while improving results.

Dr. Ho graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and entered into full-time practice 1985. He practices full-time and averages 400 impressions per year. His office is located in Santa Barbara, California.

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