Light Body Impression Material

Light Body Impression Material

Impression materials are a significant element of dentistry. It helps to replicate the details of intraoral structures for dental prostheses of soft tissues and teeth. Impression materials help to generate an accurate copy of intraoral structure with perfect setting time and biocompatibility, thus preventing deformation. There are three main kinds of impression material; light, medium, and hard body.

The Light Body Impression Material:

The light body has the lowest viscosity with the ability to record precise surface details of hard and soft tissues preparation. The only drawback of the light body impression material is that it can not maintain dimensional stability during the production of the working cast. Therefore, dentists usually take the first impression using a more viscous material and then use the light body in the second stage of the wash technique impression. Polyether, polysulfide, and fluid silicones are used as light body impression material.

The Medium Body Impression Material:

The medium body is generally used for the single viscosity technique during crown, bridgework, and dentures. It is also used for monophase material. The medium body has soft consistency but it becomes elastic after drying up. They are manageable with decent precision. Dentists use alginate and medium consistency silicones as medium body impression materials.

The Hard Body Impression Material:

The hard body has a greater viscosity. After setting up, the hard body impression material becomes hard and rigid, hence providing dentists with a stable and resistant replica of intraoral structure. However, the fidelity is not very high. It is used by dentists in the impression tray to support the light body material for crown and bridge impressions. Hard Body, also known as Putty, has high filler loading and demonstrates substantial polymerization shrinkage. To make an accurate replica of an intraoral structure with precise detailing, the hard body is often combined with a low-viscosity silicone during the impression procedure. This procedure is known as the putty-wash technique and is typically used for dental impressions. Plaster, hard silicones, waxes, and stents blocks are used as hard body impression materials.

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Light Body Impression Material

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