DenSureFit Denture Reline Kit (Standard)


Keep Your Denture Patients Happy…and Out of Your Chair

Now, you can increase patient satisfaction with their new dentures and avoid adjustment appointments that cost you time and money with this simple-to-use denture reline kit for at-home use.

DenSureFit is the first and only denture soft reline kit that uses Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS). DenSureFit is designed for use by the patient as a take-home kit after the initial in-office reline. The kit is typically recommended/provided to the patient at the first recall appointment following surgery.

The kit contains just enough VPS material to snug-up their dentures, along with easy-to-use applicators and easy-to-follow usage instructions (and access to the manufacturer’s customer service support line).

Order for a limited time and get a bonus VPS applicator with every kit purchase (3 total).

DenSureFit: A Perfect Solution for Minor Adjustments in Between In-Office Denture Relines

Following multiple extractions and your initial in-office reline, dentures tend to loosen as the hard and soft tissue reforms. Multiple soft relines may be required during the healing period, at considerable chair time and expense for the dentist. The DenSureFit at-home denture reline kit is designed to enable patients to add a small amount of material to snug up the fit of their dentures during this period.

The DenSureFit Denture Reline Kit Solves Loose Dentures…for You and Your Patient

  • For patients: Reduce or eliminate the unpleasant use of adhesive and the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. Enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying experience.
  • The DenSureFit company provides superb customer support. Provide your patient with the kit. They can call DenSureFit for help using the product.
  • Reduce the number of phone calls of unhappy and uncomfortable denture wearers to your office. Your receptionist will thank you for it.
  • Free up your chair for new patients. You’ll be thrilled you did.


Designed for ease of patient use

Each package of DenSureFit comes with applicators that are pre-filled with the perfect amount of VPS material to snug up loose dentures. It comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. And DenSureFit’s customer service line is available should your patient have any questions or need additional application instruction.

DenSureFit was designed by a dentist to save dentists time and money — and to provide a happier, more comfortable experience for patients.



Properly used, DenSureFit is proven to bond to both hard (acrylic) and soft reline materials. Please note: DenSureFit will not adhere to metal. The trough of your partial must be made of acrylic for DenSureFit silicone to adhere.


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DenSureFit Snug-Up Kit is also available, with 4 applicators.


Each Standard Kit contains:

2 VPS applicators, primer, swabs, and instructions for use

An extra VPS applicator (offered for a limited time only)

1 Snug-Up Tip



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