DenSureFit Snug-Up Kit


Even Fewer Reline Visits with the DensureFit Snug-up Kit

The fit of your patients’ dentures changes as hard and soft tissue remodels after the initial extractions and reline. During this healing phase, multiple soft relines may be required…at a considerable cost of chair time for your practice. DenSureFit solves the problem with its VPS denture Snug-up kit for patient home use.

Now, patients can perform their own reline at home by adding to their existing reline material.

The result? You will have a happier and more comfortable patient AND keep your chair available for higher-revenue procedures.

The Snug-up kit is typically recommended to the patient at the first recall appointment following surgery.

Why Choose the Snug-up Kit?

Most patients need 2 silicone applications (1 Standard Kit) to get snug on an upper denture. Some patients will get loose a few days or weeks later.  DenSureFit has created a simple-to-use kit for home use, so they can apply a small amount of VPS material to fix the problem in between office visits. The Snug-up Kit comes with 4 pre-filled applicators, plus easy-to-follow instructions. They also have access to the DenSureFit company’s excellent customer service center for any additional questions they may have about how to use the product to get a perfect fit.


The Snug-up Kit helps ensure your patients will have an optimal at-home experience after they leave your office.


What’s the Difference Between the Standard Reline Kit and the Snug-up Kit?

The Snug-Up Kit is a full Standard DenSureFit Kit, PLUS an extra VPS material applicator of silicone and a Snug-Up Tip.

Plus, order now and get yet one more additional Bonus Applicator with every kit purchase (limited time only), for a total of 4 applicators.


DenSureFit Snug-up Kit Contains:

Standard kit (3 VPS applicators, primer, swabs, instructions for use)

An extra BONUS VPS applicator

1 Snug-Up Tip


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