Ho Dental Sectional Matrix (100 / box)



The one-size-fits-all Ho Dental Sectional Matrix is so perfectly sized and contoured that it’s all you need to complete your dental restorations.

Why stock multiple sizes and shapes when only one will do? And, like the original Ho Band, the Sectional Matrix is 0.001 inch thin.

All other sectional matrices are so unnaturally convex that they do not conform to the proximal contours of natural teeth which become either straight or concave the further apical the margin ends up.

Our smart Ho Dental Sectional Matrix overcomes this deficiency…try it and see the difference for yourself.

Choice of:

Sectional Matrix (original, 100/Box)
Sectional Matrix (contoured, 100/Box)
Sectional Matrix (contoured deep-wide, 100/ Box) – Currently on Backorder


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