Vaccu-sil Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material 50 ml


Vaccu-sil is an addition-cure vinyl polysiloxane dental impression material that is used for all crown and bridge, edentulous, orthodontic and implant impression techniques. Vaccu-sil has high elongation for easy removal from the mouth, while its excellent elastic recovery and strength properties provide accurate, detailed impressions.

Clinical Study Rates Vaccu-sil #1

An extensive study by a Utah-based independent dental products evaluation organization*, ranked Vaccu-sil number one in the world amongst all VPS impression materials. Fifteen impression material brands were tested and Vaccu-sil was the top choice based on value and performance.

Cost per ml varies about 500% between brands

At $.19 per cc, Vaccu-sil is the least expensive VPS material on the market today and yet, performs as well or better than brands which cost $.64 or more per cc. An average impression requires 20 cc, so by simply switching over to Vaccu-sil, an average dental practice can save roughly $8.90 per impression or around $3,300 per year – on cost alone.

50ml cartridges (4 / box)

  • Heavy Body Regular Set Time: WT 2 min ST 4 min – $39
  • Heavy Body Fast Set Time: WT 1 min ST 2 min – $39
  • Light Body Regular Set Time: WT 2 min ST 4 min – $48
  • Light Body Fast Set Time: WT 1min ST 2 min – $48
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