The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine


The Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer improves upon traditional VPS dental impression material mixers.

The Vacu-Mixer is handheld, portable, and rechargeable. Weighing less than two pounds, the Vacu-Mixer holds a 120 mL cartridge instead of the usual 50 mL. The larger-volume cartridge lowers the cost of materials, produces less waste.

Most importantly, it delivers a perfect mix each and every time. At a dispensing rate of 2 mL per second, it can load a full arch tray in less than 10 seconds. The dynamic mixing tip ensures a perfect mix without voids or streaks. Pairing the Vacu-Mixer with our #1-rated Vaccu-sil VPS impression material creates an unbeatable combination of convenience, speed, accuracy, and cost savings.

  • Hand Held
  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable
  • Weighs 2 LB
  • Perfect Mix
  • Will Dispense 4-5 120 ML Cartridges on a single charge
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