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  • Sale! The Vacu-Mixer Starter Kit - product photo
  • Sale! Vacu-Mixer Product Image
    Automated Mixing Machine

    The Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine

    $699.00 $629.10 Add to cart
  • The Ho Dental Company Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine with cartridge
    Vacu-Mixer Promo

    Free Vacu-Mixer Promotional Offer

    From: $239.00 every 2 months with 1 month free trial Select options
  • Sale! Ho Dental Vaccu-sil VPS impression material - Heavy Body Fast Set - 120 ml catridges
    Automated Mixing Machine

    Vaccu-sil Heavy Body 120ml Cartridges

    $210.00 $189.00 Select options
  • Sale! Ho Etch Acid Etch Gel
    Acid Etching Gel

    HoEtch 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel

    $17.09$153.89 Select options
  • Sale! The Sand Trap Dental Sandblasting Device - product shot

    The Sandtrap

    $32.40$135.00 Select options
  • Sale! Mojo Syringe ready to load
    Impression Syringe

    The Mojo Syringe

    $99.00 $89.10 Select options
  • Sale! The Facial Plane Relator - detail shot 3
    Bite Registration

    Facial Plane Relator

    $43.20$67.50 Select options
  • Sale! The Mojo Complete Syringe - 2 pre-filled syringes
    Impression Material

    The Mojo Complete Pre-filled Syringe

    $71.00 $63.90 Select options
  • Sale! Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray - Product shot 2
    Impression Tray

    Harmony Anterior Dual Arch Tray

    $64.00 $57.60 Add to cart
  • Sale! The Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray - product shot
    Impression Tray

    Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray

    $64.00 $57.60 Add to cart
  • Sale! Vaccu-sil 50ml available in Heavy/Light and Regular/Fast set
  • Sale! Ho Dental Mylar Matrix Roll - product shot

    The Mylar Matrix Roll

    $44.00 $39.60 Add to cart
  • Sale! Kit of four Ho Dental VacuCord Non-Medicated Gingival Retraction Cords
  • Sale! Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer Dynamic Mixing Tips - bag of 50
    Automated Mixing Machine

    Dynamic Mixing Tips for Vacu-Mixer

    $29.00 $26.10 Add to cart
  • Bite Registration

    Vaccu-sil Bite Registration Material

    $28.00 $25.20 Read more
  • Sale! The Vacu-Connector Transfer Jig
    Automated Mixing Machine

    Vacu-Connector Transfer Jig – 2-ct

    $6.00 $5.40 Add to cart
  • Sale! Mojo Replacement Tip for Mojo Syringes
    Impression Syringe

    Extra Mojo Syringe Tips – 10 ct

    $5.25 $4.72 Add to cart

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