The next generation of mixing machines is here. And it’s about to save you money.

A Typical Dental Practice Can Save Up to $3,000 per year in impression material*

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Automated VPS Mixing Machine

Automated, Hand-held, Rechargeable, Cordless - The VPS Mixing Machine

Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer: An automated mixer and hand-held dispenser all in one

Vacu-mixer with recharger

The Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer weighs just 2 lbs. Its small footprint conserves counter space.

It's rechargeable for cordless operation. Plugs into a standard outlet for charging.

Dispenses about 500 ML of material between charges.

Dr Ho applying Vaccu-sil to impression tray

Fill an impression tray in 10 seconds flat, either from table-top or hand-held.

Maneuvers easily. Hold the mixer in one hand and your tray in the other for greater speed & accuracy.

Uses all of the material inside, so none goes to waste, saving you money.

Perfect mix every time

The Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer perfectly mixes VPS impression material inside the unit.

Perfect mix every time means you get flawless results, which saves you time... and eliminates costly “do-overs.”

Smart, efficient and cost-effective, because it was designed by a dentist, for dentists.

2 Vaccu-sil Impression Material Cartridges

Compatible with our high-quality and economical 120 ML VPS cartridges

Ho Dental Vaccu-sil costs $0.19 per CC, compared to other brands at $0.64 (or more) per CC. A typical dental office can save up to $3,000 per year switching to Vaccu-sil.*

Vacu-Mixer + Vaccu-sil Rated Highly for Value + Performance in by independent evaluators.

Buy the Vacu-Mixer and get $400 in FREE supplies now.

Buy the Vacu-Mixer and get $400 in free supplies now.

Save your practice even more money when you buy the Vacu-Mixer now. The unit comes with $400 in free Ho Dental products.

*An estimate, based on using Ho Dental’s high-quality, low-cost Vaccu-sil VPS impression material, in our efficient 120 ML cartridges. At $0.19 per CC, Vaccu-sil is about one-third the cost of typical VPS material (which is about $0.64 per CC). Dental practices can realize additional cost savings due to the design of our Vacu-Mixer system, which provides a superb VPS mix and ease of maneuvering chairside, so you realize less VPS waste and fewer “do-overs.”

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