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Quick introductions and tutorials to products in the Ho Dental Company Impression System.

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Demonstration Videos For Ho Dental Products

How to use the Mojo Syringe by Ho Dental

Demonstration of this 2cc VPS impression material syringe that’s fast and precise, saves money, with no waste or cross-contamination.

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Introducing the Vacu-Mixer Automated VPS Mixing Machine

At a dispensing rate of 2 ML per second, the Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer can load a full arch tray in less than 10 seconds. The larger-volume cartridge lowers the cost of materials and produces less waste. Most importantly, it delivers a perfect mix each and every time.

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The Harmony Dual Arch Trays

Now, in just one simple step, you can capture the prepared teeth, the opposing arch, and the bite registration. Product instructional video with demonstration by Dr. Phillip Ho, inventor.

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One Minute Demo: Vacu-Mixer, Mojo Syringe and Vaccu-sil Light Body VPS

Quick how-to demonstration by Phillip Ho, DMD, of Ho Dental Company.

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Dental Impression System - Single Unit Crown Restoration

High-quality prosthetic restorations begin with precise and accurate dental impressions. Our proven dental impression system offers an unbeatable combination of convenience, speed, accuracy, and cost savings.

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How to use the transfer jig to recover VPS from partially full cartridges

Eliminate waste and save money by using the Ho Dental transfer jig to move VPS impression material from one cartridge to another. Dr. Phillip Ho, DMD, demonstrates how it works.

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The Facial Plane Relator by Ho Dental | Assembly and Use

With Ho Dental’s Facial Plane Relator, you can easily record an accurate bite registration and the exact position of the desired midline in relation to a horizontal plane in just 60 seconds! Send the Facial Plane Relator to the laboratory along with your final impression. The Facial Plane Relator will accurately communicate the patient’s vertical and horizontal midlines to the laboratory technician.

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