VPS Impression Material Syringes

VPS Impression Material Syringes

Dental Surgeries and products are very significant for oneself. The very few a person notices about someone includes your teeth, so this is very necessary for you to pay some more attention to what products you are using on your teeth and the store you are using for them is reliable. HO Dental Company has satisfied its client base for almost more than 35 years. They believe their products are best as dental products. Dental Products by a dentist, for the dentists. They have a wide range of dental products which includes VPS Impression Material Syringes. These are some of the best dental products recommended by some of the finest dentists. Our store is reliable and trustworthy as we are backed by many dentists assuring on our claim. Here are a few details about our VPS impression material syringes.

1) Vaccu-sil Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material 50 ml:

Vaccu-sil VPS impression material is an addition-cure vinyl Poly siloxane dental impression material that is used for all crown and bridge, edentulous, orthodontic, and implant impression techniques. It is very much efficient because of its elastic and strength properties which makes it excellent for accurate and detailed impressions. The benefit of this VPS Impression Material is that it comes to you with an excellent price of $43 to $52. This is the best price for this ML. It has a neutral odor with excellent taste. This keeps the impression sharper for a longer time and comes with a great setting time. This comes to you in a box with 4 cartridges.

2) The Mojo Complete Pre-Filled Syringe:

This Mojo Complete Syringe is for the ultimate in convenience and comes with Vaccu-sil Light Body Regular or Fast Setting VPS impression material. This syringe eliminates cross-contamination and messy clean-ups. This syringe holds 2.2 CC of material and comes in a fast and regular set with different specifications as required per need. The benefits for The Mojo Complete Pre-Filled Syringe include minimizing air bubbles and retakes, no need for messy cleanups, no Cross Contamination, less waste than a hand pump gun, and it also comes in an ergonomic design that fits any sized hand. This product is available for you at the best price of $78 with 50 counts in a box. These are some of the best and most recommended Impression material syringes in the town.

3) The Mojo Syringe:

This Mojo Syringe is a disposable VPS impression material syringe that’s fast and precise. It saves you money, with no waste or cross-contamination. The 2cc Ho Dental Mojo Syringe uses light body VPS impression material efficiently. This $103 product comes with 100 counts in a box. It is efficiently used with 1:1 ratio light-body material and activated by twisting. These have the same benefits as mentioned in the above syringe and comes within different colors too. We also have some of finest syringes like 3M ESPE intra-oral syringe, suggested by best dentists. Our Intra-oral syringes are also some of the best-selling products in the market.

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VPS Impression Material Syringes

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