• VacuSil

    #1 Rated Ho Dental Vaccu-sil Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material

    Less Waste, More Savings, Better Results

    At $.19 per cc, Vaccu-sil is the one of the least expensive VPS materials on the market today and yet, performs at least as well as the top name brands which cost $.64 or more per cc. An average impression requires 20 cc, so by simply switching over to Vaccu-sil, an average dental practice can save roughly $8.90 per impression or around $3,300.00 per year.

  • Harmony Dual-Arch Trays

    The Harmony Anterior and Posterior Dual Arch Trays

    Excellent rigidity, fully attached inter-occlusal mesh, and low sidewalls.
    (No more slanted crowns or veneers.)

    Now, in just one simple step, you can capture the prepared teeth, the opposing arch, the bite registration with our Posterior and Anterior Tray. The narrow stainless steel bar at the back is only 2.6 mm in diameter, preventing tuberosity impingement, while still giving it rigidity equal or better than any other disposable Posterior dual arch tray. The Harmony Anterior is an anterior tray and a facial plane relator, identifying the patient’s midline, in one device.

  • The Mojo Syringe

    The Mojo Syringe

    Less waste, superb ergonomics, excellent reach.

    The small yet sensibly angled tip of our syringe gives you easy access even to the distals of second molars and allows the material to be applied right at the sulcus circumferentially, thus minimizing air bubbles at the margin.


    Strong Reasons to consider Ho Dental Company

    A Better Bottom Line, Better Patient care, better results.

    • Experience and Values that deliver excellent products
    • By a Dentist, for Dentists
    • Recognized for Value and Performance in Reputable Clinical Trials
    • Your Dental Practice Deserves the Best

  • Dr. Ho Smiles

    Vacu-Mixer years in the making

    "I am currently working on a game-changing heavy body cartridge and delivery system, which will not only make it easier on a dental assistant’s hands but will cut down packaging costs for the silicone material manufacturers by 75%. That translates into savings for the dentist."

    - Dr. Phillip Ho

    November 4th, 2013 in an interview with Dental Products Report

  • Demonstration Videos

    • Image
      The Vacu-Mixer
      Automated VPS Mixing Machine
    • Image
      Posterior and Anterior Dual Arch Trays
    • Image
      The Mojo Syringe
      Disposable Dental Impression Syringe